Prohibition of Student Harassment

Handbook of Operating Procedures 9-1330-PM

Prohibition of Student Harassment


The University of Texas at Austin
Executive Sponsor: Vice President for Student Affairs
March 15, 1999



It is the policy of The University of Texas at Austin to strive to create and maintain an appropriate educational environment for students. In furtherance of that policy, all members of The University Community are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that ensures that no student is subjected to harassment.*


Harassment, as defined in the Student Standards of Conduct in the Institutional Rules on Student Services and Activities [Appendix C, Subchapter 11, Sec. 11-804 (a) (12)], is conduct that is sufficiently severe, pervasive or persistent enough to create an objectively hostile educational environment that interferes with or limits the ability of an individual to participate in or benefit from services, activities or privileges provided by the University.


A student who believes that he or she has been subjected to harassment may bring a complaint concerning that conduct with the Dean of Students Office. The Dean of Students Office shall investigate such complaints when they involve allegations of harassment by another student. Other complaints shall be referred to the Office of the Vice President for Administration and Legal Affairs or the Office of Human Resources for investigation and handling as appropriate. In determining whether conduct objectively creates a hostile educational environment, investigators will consider the totality of circumstances presented in each situation.


In those instances where the violation of a Regents' Rule, Institutional Rule or any University policy is motivated by race, ethnicity, color or national origin, such discriminatory purpose shall be treated as an aggravating factor in determining the appropriate penalty.


* Sexual Harassment is prohibited in a separate policy, set out in HOP 3-3030, and Appendix D of the General Information Catalog.


Previously PM 4.121