Welcome to the University Policy Office

Welcome to the University Policy Office

This website is your guide to university policies within the Handbook of Operating Procedures (HOP).

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Disposition of HOP Policies

Retired/Removed or merged HOP Policies are listed here.

Revised Policy - HOP 4-1290 Art in Public Spaces

Art in Public Spaces has been revised to establish a process for reviewing and funding art proposed for installation in public spaces belonging to The University of Texas at Austin.

New Policy - HOP 2-2150 - Comprehensive Periodic Evaluation of Tenured Faculty

In accordance with Texas Education Code, Section 51.942, Regents' Rules and Regulations, Rule 31102 requires each component institution to establish a comprehensive periodic performance evaluation process for all tenured faculty. This policy applies to all tenured faculty, deans, department chairs, and other academic administrators.