Remodeling and Repair Projects

Handbook of Operating Procedures 4-1030

Remodeling and Repair Projects

The University of Texas at Austin

Executive Sponsor: Vice President for University Operations

Policy Owner: Sr. Assoc. VP for Campus Planning & Facilities Management

June 24, 1974 (revised)



Each departmental chairman or head of a unit shall coordinate and transmit to the Vice President for Business Affairs all requests for remodeling and repair projects. The initial request shall be for estimates of cost. Attention is invited to the long-standing policy which requires that all work done in University facilities must be performed by Physical Plant employees. This includes such items as installing or removing partitions and making connections into utilities systems. Under no circumstances should any work of this nature be undertaken by persons other than employees in the Physical Plant staff or by contractors' employees being supervised by Physical Plant.


Previously HOP 6.02