Handbook of Operating Procedures 4-1140

Restrictions on Use of Certain University Facilities and Services by Non-University Organizations

The University of Texas at Austin

Executive Sponsor: VP for University Operations

March 16, 1987



  1. Office Space and Telephones

In all University buildings, except the Texas Union, office space and telephones shall be allocated only to organizations whose purpose and activities are certified by the appropriate dean as being academically relevant to the educational mission of the sponsoring unit and approved by the appropriate Executive Officer. Such sponsorship implies support, endorsement, supervision and the assumption of responsibility for the actions and activities of the sponsored organization. Sponsorship may not be extended to groups involved in political or religious activities or in projects for private gain. Office space in the Texas Union shall be allocated by the Union Board of Directors.


  1. University Supply and Mail Service - Stenographic, Supply, and U.S. Mail Metering Services
Stenographic, supply, and U.S. Mail metering services shall be limited to official budgetary units in the conduct of University business.
  1. University Supply and Mail Service - Campus Mail Service

Campus mail privileges shall be limited to:


  1. official budgetary units in the conduct of University business, and;
  1. registered faculty or staff organizations which have been certified to use campus mail by the appropriate Executive Officer in compliance with these rules:
  1. The organization must serve a public purpose related to the educational mission of The University;
  1. the campus mail use must be for a public purpose related to the educational mission of The University;
  1. the use may not be for (a) solicitation of new members to an existing organization; (b) partisan political purposes; (c) religious purposes; (d) advertisement or endorsement of a commercial product; (e) commercial or private gain; or (f) newsletter mailings or other bulk mailings which are customarily mailed from state or national organization;
  1. the envelope for any communication shall display the name, address, and campus mail certification code of the sending organization; and
  1. the size of each piece of mail shall comply with measurements allowed by the U.S. Postal Service.

Any use of the campus mail by an organization or individual other than those specifically allowed above shall subject each organization or individual to disciplinary action. A registered faculty or staff organization which has been certified to use the campus mail but which breaches the rules above shall have such use suspended for six months for the first breach, one year for the second breach, and permanently for a third breach.


Questions regarding the rules for use of campus mail may be referred to the Office of the Vice President for University Operations.


Previously HOP 6.07